Calculates Shockley-Read-Hall recombination in semiconductors with 2 defect levels in dependence on photo generation rate. The program runs within MATLAB programming environment version 6.5.0 release 13 or newer offering a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

(Developers: Tharanga Jinasundera, Levent Gütay, Saioa Tardon, Felix Voigt.)



The program package “sudoku_excl” uses mainly algorithms of exclusion for the solution, creation and reduction of Sudokus. Furthermore uniquely solvable Sudoku initial conditions can be created. Either Sudokus of low difficulty can be obtained, solvable by the deterministic algorithm of exclusion: “Create (solvable by excl. pr.)”, or enigmas of high difficulty are created, solvable by the algorithm of trial and error, but not solvable solely by the algorithm of exclusion: “Create (solvable by trial)”. The program has been written by help of MATLAB programming language 6.5.0.